Cozy Sunday


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As the season changes to Fall, our style changes along with it. Due to the cold weather, we decided to stay inside for this shoot. Dressed head to toe in sweats, these looks definitely give off a comfortable feel. We tried to match our comfy fits with the atmosphere of each room. We were also in agreement on the beauty of each room so we took some individual photos of the decor as well. We suggest that everyone should enjoy a nice Sunday in every once and a while.

Molly’s Outfit #1:

Top: Thrifted green crew neck

Bottoms: BP bell-bottom jeans

Molly’s Outfit #2:

Top: Yeezus tour T-shirt

Bottoms: Maroon sweatpants

Chris’ Outfit:

Top: Thrifted Seattle Sonics (rip) sweatshirt

Bottoms: Adidas sweatpants

Shoe: Black Puma slides


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