Molly Repurposes Jeans: Part One – Embroidering

Good evening, readers! Today I decided to try my hand at embroidering. For this project, I first went to a local thrift store and purchased a $30 pair of 90s Levi’s (a pretty good deal if I do say so myself).


To embroider my jeans I used embroidering thread and needles. It is important to use embroidering thread instead of sewing thread as it is thicker and will be more visible.


Then I used an embroidering hoop to make sure the denim was nice and taut.


After the hoop was in place I drew a few simple designs that I wanted on my jean pockets. Once I had sketched out the designs I started embroidering away. I was worried about what the final product would look like as I don’t have much practice hand sewing, but because I went slow and followed the lines the task turned out to be relatively easy and fun!


Final jean pocket looks:


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